Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 40 – United Kingdom

Space Man – Sam Ryder

After years of deserved low scores, someone at the BBC (aided by TaP) has hit lucky and plucked a decent song with a personable performer from the slush pile.

Fair enough, Ryder sings like he’s trying to strip the paint off the neighbour’s 4×4, with little in the way of light and shade. Seems a lovely bloke, mind, and I do hope he hasn’t overdone the promo circuit and peaked early, performance-wise.

The song isn’t especially innovative, but it is memorable, easy to get into and nicely structured. Lyrically, it’s a step up from recent BBC-backed dirges.

Staging has always been the weak point for the UK, and I remain hopeful that that might change too. There are different faces behind the scenes, and rumours suggest something slightly more special.

There’s still so much that could go wrong here, but on paper, it’s the strongest UK entry since 1997 for me.

Mo’s Score – 10 Points

And that’s me done – enjoy the coming reports from Turin.

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