Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 5 – Azerbaijan

Nadir Rüstəmli – Fade to black

Because you can never have enough of these soaring male ballads at Eurovision – and the last song revealed just added to an already totteringly high pile. It’s also likely to end up scheduled in the same part of the show as a bunch of similar songs – and that means it needs to absolutely shine.

Things start nicely with a bit of the old Joanna, but that’s the high point. Afterwards, it’s a thoroughly unremarkable effort that sounds very Swedish, performed by someone who has decided why sing one note when twelve will do? And don’t get me started on his diction. Nadir – who looks to be made up of the left-over bits of that bloke who killed everyone in EastEnders – typifies that horrible type of talent-show singing – a croaking vocal fry in the run-up to the big note.

And just as you think we’re hitting the long hinted-at crescendo, it stops.

I predict curtains of fire and a stage that fades to black.

Mo’s Score – 2 Points