Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 9 – Cyprus

Andromache – Ela

First up, I’ll admit, I totally loved the Cypriot entry last year – it fell on just the right side of fabulous. This time out, I’m not such a fan.

There’s really very little wrong with ‘Ela’ – it’s just terribly dull. There’s all the hallmarks of songs that used to do fairly well at Eurovision and nothing of the sort of entry that scores highly these days. What I find harder to believe is that it took ten people to produce a song so monumentally ordinary. Artificial learning could bang songs like this out every twelve seconds.

We get a disengaged float through the Eurovision Book of Rhyming couplets in the verse (melody, electricity, body, chemistry, harmony, remedy etc). A fairly chuggy chorus with slight ethno-pop touches. And yet, as the song fades away, I’m left feeling I had a nice three minutes with something terribly pleasant.

‘Ela’ is radio-friendly pop for the package holiday crowd. Being a fan of this song is like being a fan of the box your burger came in.

Mo’s Score.  4 Points

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