Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 19 – Ireland

Brooke – That’s Rich

Having stated to all and sundry that the German national final was the worst thing in Christendom, I am then reminded of this shower. It’s a bit of a problem when the first thing you see on your screen is the Irish telling us about their past glories but that is what you get.

Eventually, the one that everyone thought would win did indeed do it, to the surprise of no-one. So, what have we been left with?

Well it’s better than some of the Irish entries of the last decade, and if that’s not damning it with faint praise, I don’t know what is! It is, for me, a typical female empowerment song – you know the type, she can do this thing on her own without the likes of YOU (or indeed me), but I have heard this kind of thing done better a million times.

Brooke doesn’t look like a natural performer on The Late Show and that’s going to be a bit of a worry on an international stage. She missed several boatloads of notes in the reprise, which suggests that when she gets excited her voice goes. I also don’t like the faux American accent in the talking bits because, like everything about this performance, it’s fake.

It’s a theme done to death by a singer that could well balls it up with a song that is not the greatest in the world. Remember the Irish Head of Delegation said you need money to win Eurovision – How about a good song for starters?

Phil’s Score.  1 Point

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