Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 24 – Malta

Emma Muscat – I Am What I Am

OK it’s time for a Phil rant.

Dear TVM, my second favourite broadcaster, if you are going to have a National Final with 22 songs and allow 17 of them through to a final with a jury and televote, at least make it in the rules that the DAMN SONG THAT WON actually won the damn thing.

Also, please accredit me for MESC 2023 – Love you!

She won the original competition with this:

But by all accounts no one liked it. TVM then threw their hands up in the air like they just didn’t care and said: “Write me a new one – no one will ever know”

So that’s precisely what Emma Muscat and friends, some of which are Scandinavian seemingly, did. I mention the Scandi connection because this song IS exactly like something those pesky Swedes would put before us in Vaxjo or Lingkoping or some other provincial backwater in the depths of February.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because Sweden has won the damn thing six times to Malta’s zero, but this one isn’t going to add to that tally. It’s Eurovision-by-numbers. If you poked the eyes out of most Europeans and said: “Is this a Eurovision song” they’d go “oww” followed by “Eurovision innit”

It’s a perfectly serviceable woman type singer telling the world that she is who she is:

Thankfully she aint them. What she is, though, is a Maltese try-hard singing a not too bad Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen song to within an inch of its life, and ending up being more Swedish than the actual Swedish entry (of which more later – on 28 April to be exact).

I’m sure Crosscraft and 202 Jewellery are delighted at the change!

PS – I originally gave this 5 points but then did something I rarely do, listened again and remarked it.

Phil’s Score.  7 Points

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2 years ago

Yeah, didn’t really notice this singer and her original song much at MESC. Was astonished it won although she is a nice singer. The new song is nice too. Nice. Don’t know if it will make it to the final though.