Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 30 – Poland

Ochman – River

Looks-wise Ochman has the Junior Manager at Foxtons thing down pat. And by some strange twist of fate, the video does suggest an estate agent on the house viewing from hell. Voice-wise, this gentleman has it all.

The song is perhaps the weaker link here – though it’s by no means an Azerbaijani-style stinker. There sounds (to my ears) to be one too many ideas chucked into the melting pot – and the falsetto break towards the end could easily be jettisoned to produce a far stronger, cohesive entry.

I like the switch from mournful piano verse to electronic dance chorus. Okay, so there’s not much thought gone into the lyric, but Krystian Ochman does what he can with the few words he’s given himself to sing.

It stands apart from the other sad-boy efforts this year in that it comes across as a polished slab of pop that is both radio and Contest friendly. There’s scope for a boost from a strong performance too – even if he’s hardly oozed personality in the pre-parties.

Given a following wind and the right staging, Ochman could land Poland its best result to date.

Mo’s score – 8 Points

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