Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 32 – Romania

Llamame – WRS

So, I was THIS many seconds old when I translated the title from Spanish into English and got this:

and my Eurovision lives flashed before my eyes. Oh no, I thought, not another Andre Babic song. Haven’t the Romanians suffered enough?

Well they have clearly suffered, because they are now passing their suffering onto the rest of Europe in the shape of WRS – which I presumed was the name of the band rather than just one bloke.

His official bio describes him as the “beatmaker from Buzau” – a statement I can’t argue with because I don’t even know what it means. It also says that he was the house dancer on Romania’s Got Talent and The Voice of Romania before deciding he wanted a taste of the big time and moved to London to start singing.

It reminds me of a diet version of this:

Updated for the 2020s with an added driving beat and the Balkan leggy lovelies that surround him in the National Final performance. To my ears though, it’s his voice I am mostly worried about. It always sounds like he is on the edge of falling off the tune in the verses, and only truly happy in the chorus, which has fewer notes and is, therefore, significantly easier.  When he attempts the high notes (or the modulation towards the end of the song) there is no vocal confidence, and I suspect that the Lead Dubs might well be taking over a majority of the vocal when this gets to Turin to shore everything up.

This is in danger of going nowhere – it doesn’t really have a decent verse or chorus and is regurgitating a Eurovision formula outdated for quite some time.  It’s just a tired song that not even a magical performance or staging can rescue.

Phil’s Score – 3 Points

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