Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 35 – Slovenia

LPS – Disko

Ahhh disco, that woefully underused genre at the Eurovision – I wonder if we are going to get a version of I Will Survive or Wanted by The Dooleys?

Well… not really no – we get a bow-tied twink singing about a disco in a non-disco style, which really disappointed me from the get go. If discos were like this in SR Slovenia then clearly Marshal Tito had put his foot down.

I’m not even sure what this song is supposed to be. It has overtones of Global Kryner in some of the orchestration – which is presumably not the crossover they intended – and the only nod to disco comes from “funky” guitar chords. Then, inexplicably, the song slows from a bop to a walk, for reasons that are beyond sensible understanding, before ending as it began, with this disco theme. I guess.

I suspect the band, who are agred between 17 and 19, are going for an ironic sound and play that genre as it was intended without a hint of them taking the piss. Think The Roop or Dadi Freyr. They really seem to think that invoking nostalgia is the way to go, but they  miss two key ingredients: a song strong enough to carry it off, and any type of personality whatsoever (in the preview video). It’s not going to make even the sleepiest juror engage with their undoubted musical talent or roust anyone from their slumbers to vote. Eurovision is still a television Contest, where you need to perform. Standing there and being all millennial new romantic is definitely “a choice” … but no.

Phil’s Score – 3 Points