Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 11 – CZECH REPUBLIC

Czech Republic

Lie to Me by Mikolas Josef

Fans who like to keep an eye on the Eurovision betting odds will notice something unusual this year, with the Czech Republic among the favourite. This hasn’t happened before; they’ve only qualified once, after which they promptly came dead last. Unlike some countries which are felt to have regular support they have few natural allies, so their success really is down to the quality of the song. Most people think this is their best chance yet.

Mikolas Josef sings a very contemporary, and very catchy, song, and manages to ooze charm as he does it, despite it being an ode to infidelity. There’s a killer brass riff that makes it instantly familiar. Many have pointed out it’s reminiscent of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, right down to what were felt to be sexually ambiguous lyrics in the original version.

Some of the stronger language, though already muffled, has been rewritten, so we’ve lost a couple of implied F-bombs plus a directly explicit reference to shagging in a nightclub (and he’s not meaning the dance craze). There’s still plenty left though, and Mikolas sings of a failed relationship with a lasting desire to revisit the physical side even though he knows the girl’s now in another relationship, and that lust for a bit on the side being the reason they didn’t work out in the first place. No wonder his camel’s been set in the mood.

He was offered My Turn, the 2017 Czech song that went to Martina Bárta, and he was right to turn it down. Now his turn has come we could easily be looking at a top 10 or better.

My marks: 10 points

Will it qualify? Yes

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