Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 18 – GREECE


Oneiro Mou by Yianna Terzi

Well, this is very Greek. Perhaps surprisingly so, given their last very Greek entry broke their until then perfect qualification record. Perhaps not so surprising though when we look at the process by which it got here. One of 5 shortlisted options, two of its competitors were disqualified for not being Greek enough, and the other two failed to stump up the €20,000 fee to the Greek broadcaster, leaving Oneiro Mou as the oneiero and only option left.

I rather like it when an entry has such a bold, and instantly identifiable ethnic sound, so I’m quite given to this, though I have to concede it doesn’t really go anywhere, however beautifully dramatic it is in the moment. Guaranteed points from Cyprus will see this with at least a score to her name, but I’m struggling to see where enough other support will come from with such a lot of competition.

My marks: 8 points

Will it qualify? Possibly not

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