Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 24 – LATVIA


Funny Girl by Laura Rizotto

We’re more than halfway through this year’s Countdown now. Are you still keeping up? With so many competing entries it’s not uncommon for one or two to pass you by, and this is the case for me with Latvia. Laura Rizotto is a woman of the world, with Brazilian and Latvian nationality, and has lived and worked in Brazil and the USA where she’s worked with the likes of Demi Lovato and J-Lo.

‘Funny Girl’ is the tormented tale of the person outside a burgeoning relationship looking in; the goofy one wishing one of the partners would reciprocate the feelings she’s kept inside for so long. She paints herself as being seen by her love interest as just the one who makes them laugh, the funny one, and emphasises this view in the video in jester’s make up. The song’s a moody, jazzy affair (there’s a fair bit of that this year) but it’s just not my taste at all. I can’t really predict this as it’s so removed from the kind of entry I would support, though Laura seems to do a decent job of it.

My marks: 3 points

Will it qualify? Who can say?

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