Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 25 – LITHUANIA

Lithuanian Eurovision

When We’re Old by Ieva Zasimauskaitė

With 50 competitors and about 700 rounds it’s very easy to get lost in the Lithuanian final, although somehow this song managed not to. It’s fifth time lucky for Ieva who’s been trying more or less every year since 2013. It’s astonishing really that so many shows led to something so understated; perhaps it’s an indicator that this song needs a few listens to properly capture the imagination. Which is unfortunate, as most people are only ever going to see it once.

It’s a very pretty, almost fragile, love song, a reflection of the certainty of having found enduring love, so much so that you know you’re going to grow old together. It’s maybe a good thing for Ieva that she knows she’s got this to fall back on, because in Eurovision terms, she’s given herself a mountain to climb. Selling a song this gentle to a large arena and the largest TV audience you’ll ever play to is a big task at any time, but to do it amid the cacophony of the first half of the first semi-final feels almost impossible.

My marks: 5 points

Will it qualify? No