Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 3 – AUSTRALIA

Australia at Eurovision

We Got Love by Jessica Mauboy

“I know, I know what you must be thinking” trills Australia’s entrant. Well, if she’s engaging in such a feat of mindreading, she’ll be well aware some people don’t even think she should be there. Whether you agree with Australia’s participation in the Contest or not, you can’t deny they’re putting in the leg work. There’s many a UK fan wishes we could have anything as good as Guy Sebastian, Dami Im, or – erm – who was it last year?

Despite such a brief competitive history we already have our first Australian returnee, Jessica Mauboy, who performed as a guest in the interval in Copenhagen, presaging Australia’s competitive debut the following year. This time she’s in it competitively too, and she’s not without her chance. This is a nice piece of up-tempo pop, safe, un-experimental, but instantly engaging. Just as you think it’s about to plod through its final choruses it’s given a lift in the middle eight by some tribal drumming, a section that promises some big dancing.

Jessica is going full out on the promo tours, and you feel Australia is clearly playing for a win.They’re also riding high on their recent vote for marriage equality, as this has a reading that’s more than a nod to the historic vote; I’d love to see this reflected somehow in the staging too. In a year when a song that scores steady 7s and 8s from everyone could sneak through and steal it, this song fits the bill. But is it too safe? Throwaway pop songs like this are ten-a-penny at Eurovision and whilst her chances of qualification are boosted by a handful of no-hopers alongside her in the second semi-final, taking no risk at all might mean it doesn’t quite have enough.

My marks: 8 points

Will it qualify? Yes

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