Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 30 – NETHERLANDS


Outlaw in ‘Em by Waylon

Waylon’s the male half of The Common Linnets, the Dutch country duo who surprised just about everyone when they finished second behind Conchita in 2014. I didn’t like the song then, and this return is even worse. Waylon’s been determined to prove just what a massive country star he is by doing everything his way, and against the rules.

His 5 songs – self-shortlisted for Eurovision – were presented as a showcase for this new album, rather than as any choice for the Dutch viewers, as it was announced that Waylon himself would have the sole decision on which would ‘win’. He’s since extended his country credentials by delivering a live version of the song as his official promotional video that clocks in a full minute longer than the EBU limits. I can’t get to the end of it. In fact, I can’t even get to the middle of it without skipping to the next track. This is hands down my number 43 this year. Better luck next time, Netherlands.

My marks: nul points!

Will it qualify? I’ll lose the will to live if it does.

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