Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Czech Republic

‘Lie to me’ is derivative of Justin Timberlake – who wowed global audiences with his Eurovision interval act a few years back. And as dated as that makes this sound, Eurovision has rarely been about what’s currently dropping (look at me, down with the kids).

Recent online clips, suggest Mikolas has it in him to perform live, and he’s quite the looker, which isn’t going to hurt his chances with televoters – male or female.

Jury members are guided by something called ‘The Green Document’. It’s never been made available online to the public, and so its contents are subject to speculation. Earlier published versions of the contest rules revealed jurors were told to consider the quality of song, performance, and staging. Many also believe that these internal guidelines also direct jurors to consider ‘hit potential’ – could the song chart widely? And if that is the case, the answer here is most likely yes, and therefore Mikolas should score highly with that group too.

The video is very professionally done – and if you saw the clip supporting the song entered last year, you’ll know that’s not a given. The song itself isn’t my bag, but I can see how it will appeal. Yes it’s repetitive, but that’s not the worst thing to happen when you have three minutes to get a song into the heads of those who can make or break it’s score.

It’s got to be in with a chance.

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