Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Australia

Phil has started at the far end of the alphabet with the United Kingdom of Stuff. I’m heading down under for Australia.

This is the fourth time SBS (in the guise of Sony Music) has been ‘invited’ to put a song into the contest, and it’s reached the point where you can spot an Aussie Eurovision song a mile off.

This isn’t anywhere near the level of awfulness they foisted on an unsuspecting public last year, but it’s not especially remarkable. It runs out of ideas fast, with the almost compulsory chanting break at the 2.30 point, and a lot of wailing over the backing vocalists.

There is – of course – a question over Jessica’s ability to carry the song live after her previous interval act appearance at the 2014 Eurovision, but this seems a simpler song, more suited to her voice and one that could be carried (if need be) by backing singers.

It’s Eurovision by numbers. I’m sure it’ll qualify, but it’s not their first winner.

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