Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Belarus

Most years, the Belarusian entrants stab at singing in English provides an unitended giggle, last year they stayed native, and it paid off. This time around, its business as usual.

Alekseev garbles his way through a bunch of random words about windows wide open and magnificent skies. I know this because I checked out the official website where they offer lyrics.

It’s old-fashioned, laboured and very much of a ‘certain style’. Maybe, someone fed a bunch of Eurovision elements into a machine and this is what minced out the other end.

Having heard a few live takes of the song, I’d suggest we might be in for the odd bum note on the night. The video depicts Alekseev forlornly gazing through windows, in a woollen sweater, nestling a coffee cup to his chest. At the national final, he wore a bodysuit wired to glittering lights. Let’s hope for the latter in Lisbon.

I don’t know who’s going to vote for it. The juries will most likely find it dated, and mark it down when considering its commercial potential. The vocals might also cause trouble. The televotes will role in from all the usual places, but (up against a strong field in the first semi-final TM) I don’t think it’s enough to push him through to the final.

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