Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Belgium

I can’t deny this is my favourite song in the 2018 line-up. I don’t completely buy into the ‘Bond Theme’ comparisons, if anything it reminds me of one of the better tracks from a smug Robbie Williams album.

Long story short, it’s simply a clever, well-paced and beautifully performed song. At least in the studio – who knows what it will become live (remember Blanche’s rabbit in the headlights thing last year?). Worryingly, she’s not down to do much in the way of preview parties, and that could play against her in terms of fan support – I still maintain the vast majority of votes on the night come from fans.

Sennek has the most wonderful warm and full voice for someone so young, and the ‘echo echo’ ear-worm draws me in fast.

Win or lose, I know I’ll be listening to this in a year’s time and there’s not a single song I can say that about from 2017.

If it came down to song quality alone, this would walk it.

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