Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Greece

The requirements set down by broadcaster ERT were simple. This year, their Eurovision song had to be performed in and sound Greek. On both counts ‘Oniro Mou’ qualifies.

To my ears, it’s like background music played at mid-80s Notting Hill dinner parties, while the hosts bore their guests with talk of a darling Greek island they discovered, and how it’s going to face ruin when tourists find it.

In other words, it’s pretentious, but well intentioned. And not something you’ll intentionally want to hear twice.

There’s absolutely nothing here to offend, but the song drifts by and leaves little impression (on me). No sooner has the clip ended, than I’ve forgotten it.

I really don’t know who’s going to vote for it – apart from Cyprus, of course. The juries will hear something designed to meet very different criteria to the ones they’re supposed to follow when awarding points. Outside a certain circle, I doubt televoters will care enough to put it into their personal top ten.

All power to ERT though, for sticking to their guns, when they could have entered another generic banger.