Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Latvia

‘Funny Girl’ sounds like one of those duff tracks from a rubbish musical with input from Richard Stilgoe. If you’re a fan of Eastenders and enjoy the musical stylings of Bex Fowler, this is going to be your wheelhouse.

It’s one of those songs that goes nowhere. Add to which Laura Rizzotto (top name) sounds shrill in places – and I’m sure singing live isn’t going to help in that respect. The twitchy hand movements are very stage school, and incredibly off-putting.

There’s comedy potential if the clown make-up (featured in the official clip) somehow translates to become a part of the stage show – though I suspect Laura will cop-out with a hat and mask (or perhaps employ a ‘funny girl’ dancer), but if we could have something along the lines of the ludicrous Croatian efforts from last year, I’d be far more likely to want to donate a vote.

All in all, this feels like one to forget. It’s not a classic year for Latvia.