Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Malta

As a veteran of the Malta Song for Europe competition, Christabelle has long since proven she’s got the vocal chops for Eurovision. It’s a shame this generic banger is the number she finally gets to take to the big stage.

There’s the ‘worthy subject matter’ selling point, but how many people will care about that on a Thursday (and possibly Saturday) in the middle of May as they party Eurovision-style?

In recent years, I feel Malta has lost its way. Their enthusiasm for the contest remains widely documented – legend has it that the only people in Valletta not watching are confused holidaymakers, asking themselves where all the waiting staff and hotel receptionists have gone.

The national final always includes an offbeat gem that could break the mould of typical underachieving Europop, but it never gets picked. Maybe, just maybe, a brave internal selection would seal the deal. Although, I suspect I’d be stoned in the streets for suggesting such a radical move.

Christabelle gets to sing in the second final, and she’s up right before the very different song from Hungary, and given the general crud level of the Thursday show, Malta has got to be in with a chance of making the final. If that happens, I fear ‘Taboo’ will be a bottom-feeder come Saturday.

The video is worth a watch though – it’s as hammy as hell.

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