Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Netherlands

Much as the Irish love their male-voiced ballads, the Dutch have set themselves up as ‘that flat bit of Europe that brings country music to Eurovision’.

Waylon has already graced the Eurovision stage, ending second with Ilse DeLange in 2014. Back then, he was half of the Common Linnets. This time, it’s all about him.

As true to his back catalogue as the song sounds, I don’t see him bettering (or even equalling) the 2014 result, but this remains a competent song.

Waylon still looks like he once worked as an extra in Breaking Bad, but he belts his songs out live, so there should be little worry on that count. Lyrically, ‘Outlaw in ’em’ is head and shoulders above anything else this year. Whisper it: it’s verging on clever.

The Dutch entry is like nothing else at Eurovision 2018, and that may be a good thing. Being in the second semi-final should more or less secure him a place at the grand final.

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