Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Russia

This hardly seems like the same woman behind that half-arsed effort that was never really meant to be taken seriously last year. This time around, someone spent a bit of money and produced an actual song.

It’s one of those downbeat verse, anthemic chorus Eurovision-by-numbers songs. Think ‘Storm’ (The UK song) without the charm. The last minute really grates, as there’s no build, just repeats of the same mumbled line.

And having seen that Moscow Party video, I don’t expect Julia/Yulia to be doing much of the singing. For whatever reasons, she just can’t hack it live.

It’s worth watching the end of the video for the unintended comedy where Julia/Yulia becomes a mountain thanks to some of the worst green screen I’ve seen in a long while.

Will it qualify? … it’s Russia.