Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 10 – Croatia.


In this instalment of Eurovision Countdown:

It appears that the Croats have remember the art of Songwriting! After last year’s … thing, this is a proper song from the old school of power ballads, performed by Franka and her backing singers. It is a typical song about the empowered woman, and how she can do without a man – and good on her. It also seems to be written in 6/8 or waltz time which makes it very unusual.

To my ears, it sounds like a cross between a couple of songs that have been in the charts of late, but I can’t remember which ones, and again that lends a ring of familiarity. Whilst, essentially, the hook of the chorus drags you into the song, I suspect that the staging will have a lot to do with where this finishes.

A song this slow and purposeful needs big staging, and I mean BIG. We know that Croatia are sending something dramatic, and something to make sure they are remembered, and so they will have to couple this song with dark broody staging – a bit like the video. Be warned, if that doesn’t happen or if Franka gets the singing a touch off, this could go wrong quickly. It has to be the sum of its parts to succeed.

Phil’s score – SIX points

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