Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 11 – Cyprus


Cyprus either gets it very right, or hideously wrong and their fans can be a rabid bunch to deal with, it must be said so, prepare your pitchforks


Put them away yer fools, this song is on the “Very Right” side of the fence this year. It says here she’s the “queen of pop” – I wouldn’t go that far, but she’s definitely a Marchioness of Music. In a year where so-called plastic pop seems to have taken a back seat, we’re back with a traditional banger here but, unlike when Cyprus gets it wrong, this actually has the feel of a well-written and put together song.

As tradition dictates, it’s has a Swedish influence, this time from Alex Papaconstantinou – a Swedo Greek, and some of his chums who have clearly been listening to the #melfest, as this wouldn’t be out of place in any of the Swedish semi-finals. Is that a good thing? – usually, I’d say no, but this is stronger than any of that rubbish.

It’s got a good hook, and an infectious beat that makes you tap your toes and I hope that the Cypriots don’t have to resort to the hidden backstage actual singer trick (like they do too often when they send Aphrodite to the contest with the voice of Peggy Mount.) I get the feeling that Eleni will have a voice fit for this song and will give the camera some facetime as well!

Catchy, infectious and fun. When done right, this is what the contest needs.  Although I suspect from her video the Arson charges have been swiftly dropped!

Phil’s Score – Six points

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