Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 13 – Denmark

Ah, Denmark: the country whose Eurovision past is as rich as a full bodied Rioja … punctured by the abomination that was Emilie De Forest and her backing drummer knobs (ask for more details).

So it was with trepidation that I actually watched the DMGP in a half screen, thinking “Shuffle-pop is back” – but, oh no … Rasmusen was determined to stamp over that one.  He and his chums are trying to be faux-vikings (no stereotypes at all). They even have something akin to sails on stage and long hair (ginger for the record) and look nothing at all like my mate Jack – with whom I work … oh dear me, no.

It’s cod-viking when it gets to the song and lyric as well. Imagine Game of Thrones cut with schlager and that’s what you have here. “The world for the taking…. Boarding and setting sail”. That line should sort of give you an idea as to where (lyrically) this song is going.

The combination of vikings and the lyric sounds hideous when you write it down, but when you listen, it’s nothing like we have in the contest so far -Rasmusen deliver good vocals and harmonies, and all the usual things that make for a good overall package. It’s so good that I have listened to it on repeat for days! I said that like that was something to be proud of didn’t i? *cries*

It just works for me. It has all the elements of a parody, but wrapped up in a song that I actually believe in. It really is more than the sum of its parts and I think the group are to thank for that. More on a Saturday night please!

Phil’s Score – Dix Points!!

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