Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 17 – France


There are around 30 and 45 seconds between each song so imagine your national commentator (of choice) telling you about this song. It’s by a duo, about a refugee girl born in front of the composer on a ship to Italy, a little soupcon of the lyric just to make sure you got the idea. The house lights fade…

And then, if you’re a casual viewer, you forget all of that good stuff and concentrate on two singers being moody and French. You can’t remember what the song is about but you know it has a good hook that gets into your mind, it has the happy clappy bit towards the end of the song that gets you moving along with it, but you forget the strong and powerful message that the song has because you don’t get to understand it … or it’s not explained.

And that, in a nutshell, is the issue with this song. It’s a strong song with a very strong and powerful message that only French speakers will pick up on, and the rest of us will see a moody French performance of a damn fine tune sung well and with meaning.

I’m not sure which bit I want to pick up the votes but some from A and some from B would be good – ie Will the message be lost? No. It will be glossed over.  Will the juries love it? Yes. Will the televoter? Possibly.

Phil’s Score – SEVEN Points.