Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 19 – Germany

Hello, is that NDR Towers? … Yes? … I have Ed Sheeran on the line. He’d like his act, voice and look back, please. … You will?  … May 14 … Marvellous. I’ll be sure to let him know.

It’s an easy stick to beat this song with but, quite honestly, it is like a Mr Ed cast-off at every turn – albeit with slightly less edgy lyrics. So much so, that you’d think Michael had listened to Ed’s last album (wasn’t that called Algebra or something?). It is, therefore, the very definition of “easy listening” … which hasn’t done badly for Mr Sheeran, it must be said.

It’s got that erstwhile lyric about his lovely Munich mammy being his rock, and how he’s thankful for everything he’s got etc …etc … and whilst he does want you to ruffle his hair, go aww bless and take him home for a feed, I’m not sure if the song is actually good enough to move from easy listening to voteable. Especially with 24 other shades of music around it.

It’s not bad….. it’s just “ok” …

Phil’s score – Four points.

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