Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 20 – Greece

Greece - Arms

I think it says everything when I have tried to write this review four times today and this fourth attempt is the first time I have got past the title.

Greece’s song, which won a national ‘selection’ because it was the only song deemed “Greek” enough by ERT, is very ethnic – – without a shadow of doubt – but that does make it a touch inpenetrable for the 99.99% of the world without a working knowledge of Greek.

The verse is a little wail-esque and shows off lots of vibrato and the chorus, for me, wants to move forward at a faster pace than the one at which it’s written and, again, for me that’s the song in a nutshell. It feels as though it ought to be faster and more uptempo, but it feels deliberately slowed down.

There is also a massive gap of nothing in the second half of the song where, presumably, something visual will go on – but again, it’s difficult to visualise what they are going to do with it.

It just makes me feel deflated and a little bit like “meh, is that it?” and the overall impression is that something is missing, rather than a song leaving you wanting more.

Phil’s score… a difficult 5 points.

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