Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 24 – Israel

Netta Barzilai

I am generally not a believer in so-called “Fanwank” – those songs that fans love so much that it drives them blind with desire, and anyone with a contra opinion is thrown to the wolf pack of keyboard warriors, cast asunder like a discarded tissue in the wilderness of Eurovision.

This song, though, is quite literally that. Fans of this contest, who know nothing, believe that Netta is the second coming, and that her song is clever and sassy … and all about being independent and doing it for herself. Here is a tip, love, you wouldn’t be here if you were doing it for yourself all the time.

To me, and this is *my* opinion, it’s a lady of oversize proportions chicken clucking her way through a substandard, badly-written and ill-conceived song. I do not even know what the lyrics mean and whilst that’s probably half of the wonderment of the song I’m not taken by it.

I am also not taken by the fact that a gazillion Israeli Shekels have been placed on this at various bookmakers to make this a certain winner. I can tell you now, this ain’t winning any Eurovision. Why? – because when it comes to the final, where all the fans aren’t voting but real people are, they’ll see right through this song for what it is.

That Israeli hammer is gonna be let down…..

Phil’s Score – ONE point.