Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 3 – Armenia


Armenia’s song – Qami (presumably pronounced differently than it is spelled) doesn’t start off that promisingly. It has a lilting lullaby rhythm for the first minute or so, and leads you to believe that after verse one and the chorus it will go “Boom” – the lights will drop and then the second part of the song will be more urgent.

Sadly though, I am still waiting for that to happen, and ‘Qami’ plods along at the same pace – despite yer man Sevak doing stronger vocals towards the end of the song. It gives me the feeling that they’ve been tacked on as an afterthought to make the whole thing more exciting. Newsflash, it doesn’t.

Armenia could have done so much more with this song.  It could have been arranged better, and maybe slightly twisted to make it more “exciting” to the television viewer … and the lack of engagement with the singer is troubling for Armenia’s chances of qualifying.

Phil’s Score – Four points.

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