Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 32 – Norway

Alexander Rybak. Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)
Alexander Rybak. Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)

I can’t even get through this song without punching something – and that really is a problem when you have tickets to sit in an arena where Rybak will perform it at a song contest. It’s just as bad today when sitting in the office.

Rybak is back. And isn’t the world thankful that he put his writing skill and talent into this three minutes of unmitigated shite?

Believe me, this isn’t winning the Eurovision either, and if this is ‘how you write a song‘, Alexander, you need to take a look in the mirror. It is, essentially, two lines of words and music repeated a gazillion times in order to make an ear-worm. This isn’t how you write a song, it’s how you reach the lowest common denominator in a time that Usain Bolt would be proud of.

It’s gonna score votes on the back of it being Rybak and it’s gonna get votes because people think they should vote for it but, let’s boil it down, it’s shocking.

Phil’s score – ONE point.

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