Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 4 – Australia

Jessica Mauboy

Now, whilst I am against Australia’s participation in the Eurovision but not for the reasons you think and I won’t be swayed from that, I always give their songs a hearing because, well, if they are good enough for Jan Ola they are good enough for me.

Sadly, though, it seems that Jessica’s vocal ability, limited though it seems to be, has been well and truly stretched by this three minutes of nothing she has been given.  It’s written by the same team that gave Issiah a dog of a song last year and, possibly because people at Sony Germany want to do “Well” – they thought that it must have been a good idea to give them another go.

It’s been hyped, this song, but it really does have nothing to get excited about.  It sounds dated, it tires me quickly because it doesn’t hold my interest and the song doesn’t seem to come to a natural end it just seems to end at three minutes rather than build to a climax.  It’s a negative example of three minutes of “Eurovision by numbers” and Australia are, with this, making those numbers up. They’ll get through to the final with this because “fans” believe Australia deserve a place no matter what rubbish they send and, believe me, this is not exactly a song writing masterclass.

Jessica does what Jessica does, with her limited ability, she sings the song – but she ain’t no turd polisher and she’s gotta do a number on this staid, turgid song in order for it to avoid Issiah’s fate last year.   The wider question is “Are Australia becoming complacent with their entries?” – do *they* believe the hype other people say about them.  With a song this average, I’m beginning to think they are.   This is their worst entry to date.

Phil’s score – Two Points.

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