Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 8 – Belgium


Both parts of Belgium seem to be getting this contest at last.  After all, even the UK is borrowing one of their backing singers.

Sennek has produced a package that is very good. The first section of the song, however, is nothing but lines that rhyme with each other, and they grate on me. And then it turns, as everyone has said, into a mid-80’s Bond theme. Something that was OK for Jeanne Manson back in 1979, but is it good enough for Sennek in 2018? Hardly surprising, though, as she has worked on the 007 in Concert project, so it’s clear to see where her inspiration comes from.

The package certainly doesn’t leave me cold, let me say that, but it doesn’t build towards a massive climax that a song like this deserves either. It rather falls away limply when it should come busting out of a brassiere (a la Bassey), and that is a shame. If it’s Bond-inspired, you need to go full Bond.

Who’s gonna vote for it? – well … the juries will see it’s well-crafted. The televoters will hear familiar themes and be comfy with that. She’s in that first semi, but away from all the bloodshed that will be the first half. I see her scraping into the final because the song is of a higher quality than the ones it will have to beat, but don’t be surprised if it’s 8th or 9th because of that first half.

Phil’s Score – Four Points

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