Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 23 – Latvia


Folk me, Latvia has had a folking dreadful run of songs for most of the past decade. Only Aminata has managed to save them from a complete folking disaster, by singing, then writing their only two qualifications in 10 years. I’m not sure whose folking decision it was then that the answer to their woes is your actual folking folk!

Carousel troll their way through a tale of a fateful night. Quite what fate, you’re not sure, and even having studied the lyrics I’m still rather non-plussed. There’s a search for love, that bit’s apparent, but there are hints at all manner of dark and demented things that may have happened along the way.

It’s an uneasy journey, and one that doesn’t deliver me, the listener, of either a pleasant trip or a satisfactory destination. It’s difficult, when presented such a non-entity of a song such as this, to see how it could ever hope to win a competition, but then you remember it already has. Whoever’s voted for it in that one doesn’t share my folking taste. It’s another year in the folking semis for Latvia for me.

Monty’s score: 2 points