Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Montenegro

If you do nothing else with the next 24 hours, watch this video. There’s much grabbing of air and forced grinning. None of the six-part close harmony combo look like they want to be there.

It leaves me to wonder if they came together especially for Eurovision. (I do hope they hate each other). That might at least make them interesting, because their song is as dull as the very dullest ditchwater.

I detested ‘Heaven’ when I heard it live back in February. It brings to mind Ralph Siegel at his will-sapping worst.

The live performance also made me question how D’mol could try to pass themselves off as a close harmony group, when they struggled to harmonise? I foolishly imagined someone would work wonders in a studio and bring back something half-way listenable. They didn’t.

So as I say, watch the video, but hit mute.

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