Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Russia

For some years, Russia was one of my favourite Eurovision countries. They brought something different to the party and could rarely be accused of not having a go. Until last year, of course, when they scapegoated Julia Samoylova. Nobody hid the fact the Russians were going through the motions.

This year, the Russians mean business. They’ve dragged Sergey Lazarev back into the team and locked him in a room with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. When the name of their entrant leaked, Russia became the bookmaker’s favourite to win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Since the song itself emerged, the odds have lengthened, but Sergey remains tipped to do big things.

‘Scream’ will be staged to within an inch of its life. And it needs to be, because it’s not a particularly great composition. There’s an air of dated Disney, and it’s not especially memorable. As a backing track to dancers/gymnasts/ice skating princesses, it could become a televoting magnet. But what about the juries? The ‘Green Guide’ will find some ‘experts’ forced to be flexible when it comes to interpreting its guidelines.

<whisper>Sergey’s 2019 entry not a patch on his previous Eurovision song</whisper>

I don’t see this not making the final – how can it fail? I’m sure it’s going to score heavily – especially from the traditionally friendly nations. And Sergey is a hugely charismatic performer.

As a song though, ‘Scream’ leaves me cold.

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