Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 12 – Estonia

Victor and Stig

Time to declare an Interest here. I was at this final, I’ve stood next to the lovely Victor Crone – and he doesn’t half look good in a leather jacket, I can tell you.

There are people who think that being or sounding like a reject from the Melodithingummy and being entered in another country’s selection is a BAD thing. No no, says I, for two reasons.

Firstly, even if it was, who cares? It still would have beaten half of that shower of shit that took part in the Swedish national final. Secondly, Stig Rasta! That man certainly knows how to write songs (mostly … ‘Play’ was a bit shit, but we all have off days). He had his Weetabix the day he wrote this.

It’s Eurovision of the old school with verse, chorus, verse, bridge, final chorus. The sort of thing that gives us old school Eurovisionists goosebumps. That format never gets old in this contest, and will be marked highly by jurors and televoters alike. Not only because it sounds familiar, but because, on the whole, it’ll be very well executed.

Victor has had problems with a couple of the notes at important times, but overall this song ticks all the boxes: good staging and effects (coupled with the fact that many of this years entries are samey and downtempo) will mark this out … and being formulaic can be a good thing.

Did I mention I touched him?

Phil’s Score – 12 Points

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5 years ago

At the end it’s all about the song and even if this is a bit standard in its style and construction, it’s not a bad song. Ground breaking , no. Safe and nice, yes.
The thing is that safe and nice never wins Eurovision these days. You need much more and this song misses a lot to do more.