Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 16 – Germany


You’d have thought Germany would have learned something from their somewhat “accidental” fourth place last year with a song that I thought was a moan set to music. Alas, it seems as though they have fallen right back into the same trap that they had desperately been trying to get out of.

This is a song from that failed Disney movie soundtrack that no one ever bought from a film no one has ever seen. It lacks real emotion because, whilst the lyrics sound like a sibling make up track (over the handsome prince that tore them apart), they aren’t really sisters at all and this duplicity is shown in the music and video.

Neither of them are selling it to me. The song has too many words forced into the third phrase of each verse, and to compliment the Disney theme it even has a massive chord, light show and stirring ending.

Whilst I’m sure Mickey and friends would have loved it, in this contest ‘Sister’ has nothing but my contempt.

Phil’s Score – 1 Point

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5 years ago

I watched the German national final and vocally they were the best. All the other singers were either out of tune or simply couldn’t sing the song they were singing,
Yes. It sound like something coming from “Frozen” and it’s not the worse song in this year’s line up. What work for them is the dynamic between their voices that actually complete each other and have a different texture.
I am also in the opinion that Germany attitude is that the national final is only a part of work in progress. The work will end when the song reach Eurovision stage.
Realy not sure where this will go and unlike many, I don’t hate the song. I just accept it as it is.