Phils Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 25 – Malta

Michela has just turned eighteen and, as a present, her broadcaster are sending her off to Tel Aviv for a Eurovision Party! The song called ‘Chameleon’ has a pleasantness about it and, in this contest, that means it’s not too bad. It has a whiff of Swede – like most modern music these days – and it sounds like something Ariana Grande or someone of that ilk would put on an album.

Problem is, though, it’s not big *enough* and it seems that Michela’s voice isn’t strong enough to belt the living hell out of this song, because that’s what it’s going to need in the Semi Final of doom to get out of it.

It has a driving beat though, which will mean it could have a life outside the contest as a floorfiller, but I fear for its chances of getting out of the Semi.

That said, it could mobilise enough “banger lovers” to get it in 9th or 10th… but not holding much hope.

Phil’s score – 4 points

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5 years ago

This is an interesting entry. It’s accessible and yet not so simple song. It is also quite modern.
In the sea of male voices this sounds different just because it is sung by a women.
The questions are: how this is going to be staged and how this will sound live? And what we make of the fact that they were avoiding the pre-contest preview shows?-All questions will be answered within the next 2 weeks.
If they get everything right, Malta should have a good result with this one