Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 27 – Montenegro

Montenegro parliament

If this is a glimpse into Montenegro’s version of heaven, I’m glad I live in a different country and follow a different belief system

This song is the exact opposite. It’s built around a hook and the world “falling” and that’s nowhere near enough ideas.

It’s almost like the composers knew this when it got to Montevizija and decided to put the singers on a musical stave, just so we can see what notes they are supposed to be singing!

Not one but TWO key changes really doesn’t help, as the song runs out of ideas fast and then repeats and repeats seemingly ad nauseum, making three minutes seem a hell of a long time.

Phil’s Score: 1 point

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5 years ago

When you need to revamp a song, it means that it wasn’t good in the first place. They are trying to make it sounds more Montenegrin but the original song wasn’t good enough to make any impact.
They clearly haven’t learned the Armenian lesson from several years ago or the Bulgarian lesson from 2018. It is very difficult to make 5/6 individuals sound as 1 group and it is very hard for such group to have any chemistry.
To be honest it’s a waste of time