Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 11 – Denmark


Leonora, replete with her big chair, is the Danish entrant and we have the first of this year’s “less is more” songs.  She manages to shoehorn four languages in this song (when only one is mandatory) and yet, unlike others before her, she makes it sound natural and not forced … which is always good.

The song may well be deliberately light and twee, but that is not to the detriment of a well-crafted entry aimed firmly at the “nice” constituency.

Sadly, history tells us more often than not being “nice” also means being forgotten to be voted for. Will this song suffer the same fate? I suspect to some degree yes, because the yoof of Europe will shy away while the nans and mums and the aww bless brigade will latch on.

It’s in the Semi Final of Death though (the second one) and there are already too many quality songs fighting to get through – this could slip through the net.

Phil’s Score – 5 Points

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5 years ago

My frist reaction when hearing this song was sweet, innocent, inoffensive and a bit childish. The staging in DMGP enhance this feeling very much.
It threw me back to Austria 2016. The big different is that Zoë has such a sweet character that you could believe in what she was singing. Her it’s a bit more calculated and I am not entirely buying the sweetness coming from Leonora.
As a song it’s memorable enough to grab your attention and can hit the right sentiment with the viewers at home. Not sure how this will go, but it can go either way.