Monty’s Eurovision Countdown – Albania

World by Lindita

It’s back! My Eurovision Countdown, now in its 8th year. Oh, you lucky, lucky readers!

As I start my annual Eurovision Countdown for 2017 I’m a little lost for words. It’s surely not a good omen with 42 more to go, but I really don’t know quite what to make of Albania’s dramatic ballad World. It’s not the singer: I think Linda Halloumi is terrific, and we had her two years ago, as our Albanian choice in Second Cherry with her S’të fal. Then – having shed 130 pounds in weight since her chubbier teenage days – she seemed determined to show off her new svelte look and writhed about the stage in her pants and a lacy blouse, all pouting sex kitten dripping with passion.

I think it’s that passion of live performance that’s missing here for me.

It just doesn’t seem to go anywhere, despite its big build up into a prolonged wail, but once Linda Halloumi gets on stage and we can see her giving it some I suspect this may transfer into something that feels very different to this studio version. If any country can turn wailing into a stunning presentation it’s Albania, after all. Though I’m not convinced even the most magnetic of stage presences can see this through to the final.

My marks – 6 points