Monty’s Eurovision Countdown – Finland

Finland at Eurovision

Blackbird by Norma John

The Finnish final once again didn’t fail to delight. There’s more than plenty to pick over for those, like me, compiling a second chance competition. But one song stood out as the most obvious choice for your actual Eurovision. This is a dramatic and stunning ballad, bold in its scope and its delivery. I adore its bleakness, as Leena (she’s not actually called Norma, fact fans; or John) swoops her way through a tale of desire to banish the blackbird singing outside her window.

Don’t get the wrong end of the stick: she’s not just being ornithophobic for the hell of it. In fact it’s because the blackbird’s song reminds her of her lover than she’s so upset by the association of it. We don’t know what’s happened to leave her in a position of never being with him again. Has he dumped her? Has he shacked up with Anneli from the typing pool? Has he died? Do you still get a typing pool? We’ll never know, but the poignancy of the song could lend itself to a darker interpretation, in much the same vein as A Monster Like Me. This is gorgeous! Leena’s vocals are beautiful, and as the song progresses Lasse’s sublime piano break adds something extra special. I don’t know if this will have enough appeal to have a stab at a second victory for Finland, but I hope it does. It deserves as high a Finnish finish as it can get.

My marks – douze points!