Monty’s Eurovision Countdown – Latvia


Line by Triana Park

There are some Eurovision songs that come alive once they get to the stage with the energy of live performance. Line by Triana Park isn’t – so far – one of them. I was left cold by this in the national final. Lead singer Agnese struggled to contain herself and was at times off vocally, at others overcooking it as only that Jody West can do. I couldn’t warm to it at all, though it was clear the band’s popularity was going to help them over the finish line in an otherwise uninspired Latvian field.

So, I’m surprised when it comes to the preview videos at how much I like this. Of course, with the different visual medium Agnese has been reigned in. It’s cleverly shot so as not to have to show her singing through much of it, and to have her delivering some carefully choreographed moves at others. It’s an altogether better experience, even if we do have to see her in an ill-advised moth-eaten fur coat. It’s turned into a very fine slice of dance music that will bring the EuroClub alive. But that’s on the record. Triana Park has to pull this off live without any studio tweaks, retakes or editing. I’m going to believe that Agnese has it in her, as now I’ve warned to it I want this to do well, not least because I’ve got the spunky drummer in my eye (and you know how much that stings) and I’d like a second look at him on the Saturday.

My marks – 10 points

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6 years ago

So Viktorija Ivanovskaja should change her hairdo, so why are you so happy with the bun of the “spunky” drummer here? Hang on, I think I’ve answered my own question.