Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2016 – Part 31 – Norway

Norway at Eurovision

Clearly in the Boaty mc Boatface theme, Norway have chosen “Icebreaker” by Agnete. No, not the one from Abba, a 21 year old that has done everything in her short career. According to her blo she has won Strictly in Norway, sung in the MGP Jr., had a hit with a song entitled “be Quiet, Dog” AND now represents her motherland.

The song is trying to be a cheap version of Feed me your love and to that end it succeeds, but in a bad way!. There is a massively clunking great tempo change between the verse and the chorus that she has acknowledged is a marmite moment and so it proves. It’s ridiculously awkward and unnecessary and is the very essence of the old Eurovision Cliche of “sellotaping two songs together”.

That said though Agnete tries her best to perform this song and, to a large degree she does a good job of it. It’s inoffensive without being simple. It has enough changes of tempo and speed, including the massive gear shift, to be engaging to the ear and pleasant enough. However to me it is just a chorus repeated a bunch of times till it sticks in your ear like an Ohrwurm….. and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

It’s good, as Roy Walker would say, but its definitely not 100% right.