Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2016 – Part 33 – Poland

When one looks up the word “trolling” in the internet dictionary, surely a massive picture of Michał Szpak with massive flashing lights comes up. After beating the perceived fan favourites and touted winner of the whole thing into the floor at the Polish final, Michał Szpak and his long hair and guitar will sing “Color of your life” (sans “u” – Americans!!).

After hearing the three minutes of the song, I still can’t for the life of me work out how this beat two genuine contenders in a fair fight… oh yes, he’s from X Factor, how silly of me!.

It’s instantly forgettable and sounds like something from another age, possibly where TVP think they are aiming the contest at. It’s slow, plodding, got a bit of a guitar riff but that’s about it really. Sorry I can’t say more….