1 February – Free your mind from the doubts that are tickling

Are you from a country that’s never won our favourite TV show? How do you feel? Do you think that [at least] one of your songs should have won, so we can see the delights of what your capital city has to offer?

Well we’ve got a country who have never won today. It’s one I want to visit, and I now they’d love to host the show. My reservation is that because the national final is a mammoth affair, so might their interpretation of the contest. Today’s birthday girl Hersjana ‘Hersi’ Matmuja didn’t have a lot of luck in the 2014 contest. We won’t say exactly where her song finished in her semi-final, but she did score a maximum – more than some qualifiers ahead of her. And it could be that her song title was how she felt. Still she got very used to singing on a big box – a very useful skill in singing circles these days.

Hersi is 33 today.

Gëzuar ditëlindjen, Hersi!