17 February – Now it’s broad daylight

Just occasionally a song passes me by completely. It’s not a bad song, or a silly song. It might just be unfortunate enough to be in a contest with more memorable songs.

I’ll stop digging a hole for myself now. But I was there in 2015 when birthday girl Elhaida Dani did her stuff for Albania. Now maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting old, and with 89 countries taking part in each contest it might be impossible to remember them all. Now Elhaida comes from a country with a tradition of making the Grand Final, and she did this – no mean feat. And she managed to score a maximum in the Grand Final. Her downfall was being sandwiched between the countries that finished second and third to eventual winner Mr Zelmerlöw. That’s probably why I find it less memorable.

Elhaida is 26 today.

Gëzuar ditëlindjen, Elhaida!