Albania – First final of the season? – Rather have a mince pie!!

After completely ignoring the semi-finals over the past two days, OnEurope brings you details of the fourteen songs competing for the Albanian Eurovision ticket in 2017.

The final of the 2017 Festivali i Këngës takes place tonight. Check our calendar for webstream links.

MackaFranc Koruni1211
Me tyLorela812
Eva jam unëXhesika Polo514
Shkon e vjenFabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli713
Mos harroDilan Reka503
BotaLinda Halimi851
OsirisFlaka Krelani305
Pse prite gjatëRezarta Smaja247
Besoj në ëndrraEdea Demaliaj239
ShiuYll Limani503
Shi diamantëshOrges Toçe247
KëtuGenc Salihu542

Now, usually this is where any good fan site would tell you which song should win, but confession time … I haven’t had chance to catch up, because … well … Christmas.

However, I can tell you that the result – when it comes at about 3am –  will be decided by a 8/92 televote/jury split.

Oh, and as well as maintaining the tradition of being the first confirmed song for the next Eurovision Song Contest, the version you hear tomorrow will look and sound nothing like the polished up one that airs next May. So however awful it sounds, don’t count it out.